Origgio (VA) - Dicembre 1979


Singing in a choir is sharing hard work and passion. It means singing in unison, blending different voices together, build friendship. This is not easy, but the “Amici della Montagna Choir” has been walking down this road for more than fourty years. The choir was officially born in Origgio on 15th June 1979, at the hands of  a small group of friends who have created an opportunity to meet and study in order to cultivate the common passion for singing. Singers, but also lovers of the mountains. That's why the name "Amici della Montagna” (Friends of the Mountains)." Many years have passed since the choir foundation: years of study, sacrifice, satisfaction, recognition, concerts held in many different places. How can we forget those concerts with "I Crodaioli" of Bepi De Marzi in 1994, in 2004 and in 2014 or those with the children of "Piccolo Coro Mariele Ventre" of Antoniano from Bologna; the “meeting with Pope John Paul II in Rome in 1994” or the great concert with the "SAT Choir" of Trento conducted by Mauro Pedrotti and concluding the celebrations for the 30th Anniversary of our choir foundation; our participation in the 8th “Festival Européen de Choeurs d'Hommes dedicated to Bepi De Marzi" in Grenoble, France with “I Crodaioli of Bepi De Marzi and, no less important, the participation in the "Concerto di Natale della Comunità di Montagna" as representatives of the Lombardy Region, held on 19th December 2011 at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, in front of the President of the Chamber Gianfranco Fini. We cannot forget all the memories that will remain forever in the minds and especially in the hearts of those who have experienced them firsthand. Even stronger are the memories of the events organized in Origgio: "Serata di Canto Corale", "Canto per la Pace" presented in Easter and "Concerto per la Liberazione", held every 25th April. For the 30th Foundation anniversary of our foundation we have organized in Origgio "The National Meeting of Friends of the Mountain Choirs”  with 11 choirs coming from all over Italy. All this leads us to continue with the same passion as ever, with the desire to sing and to convey the message and the emotion of each song, without forgetting those friends who are no longer with us, but who continue to sing our melodies in the infinite silence that only God knows.